• General

  • What is Medical Transcription?

    Transcription is the conversion of spoken language to written form. Medical Transcription is the process of converting the dictation of physicians and other healthcare providers into written format to document patient health information.
  • What is the UTSC client portal?

    The UTSC client portal provides secure and convenient online access to your UTSC account. Through a personalized log-in name and password provided upon account activation, the portal directs you to your virtual "personal folder", very much like an e-mail where you can update your account information, upload voice files, and download transcribed documents.
  • What if I want to test your services?

    You are more than welcome to. Fill up the form here for a free trial. Our marketing staff would be available online or through phone to assist you with the registration and setting up of a trial.
  • Process

  • What dictation capturing options does UTSC offer?

    Currently you can use computer, DA or other digital hand-held recorders.
  • How do I submit my dictations?

    You can submit your digital dictations through our FTP server.
  • File Types & Templates

  • What voice file types does your system support?

    We accept all voice files supported by Express Scribe.
  • Can I use my own template?

    Yes, you may send to us your customized templates and we will use them for your reports.
  • Can you use my normals?

    We are more than willing to accommodate your dictations normals.
  • How long will it take before I get my transcription back?

    We provide excellent turnaround time of 24 hours guaranteed depending, on client preferences. General transcriptions will be available for your review and printing before 8:00 a.m. the next day which will be less than 24- hour turnaround time.
  • Can I access my transcribed reports 24x7x365?

    Yes, you can access your own folder in our FTP server by logging in with your username and password.
  • How long do you maintain our dictations and transcripts ?

    We archive voice files every 8 weeks and the transcripts every 6 months.
  • Security, Quality, and Confidentiality

  • What quality measures do you undergo and how is my dictation processed?

    Currently you can use computer, DA or other digital hand-held recorders.
  • What security measures are taken by you while transferring data?

    While you send your dictations from your computer to our secure servers or when your dictations are downloaded by our administrators from our server, authentication and encryption are applied to all data transfers in adherence to HIPAA security standards.
  • Do you provide HIPAA compliant medical transcription services?

    Yes, we have implemented some technical as well as administrative actions following the HIPAA security regulations in order to protect the privacy and personal health information of your patients. Each member of the staff is required to use a Smart Card in the workplace. This serves as their identification card which would allow them admittance to the office. This means that there is no other person who can access your files or programs in use on the work station except the authorized person.
  • Do your transcriptionists sign confidentiality agreements?

    Yes. All of our transcriptionists and other staff members are required to sign a confidentiality or nondisclosure agreement before working with us. All our employees sign a privileged access agreement typically granted to the Systems Administrator or Network Administrator and staff performing account administration and all other employees whose job duties require special privileges over a computing system or network and internet access. All employees must comply with provisions of IT Security Policies and Guidelines which mandate the perusal of contents and action necessary to resolve any given situation.
  • Cost and Billing

How can I save by outsourcing transcription services to you?

UTSC supports an operation which provides continuous transcription coverage. We offer you the flexibility to use a hand-held device or existing medical equipment for dictation, so you will not have to buy new equipment or software. Since we are based in the Philippines, the opposite time zones allow for a more convenient turnaround of files. We perform your transcription needs for you while you sleep and they will be ready for you even before you wake up. Imagine the amount of money you can save without worrying about having to train and pay much for a US-based medical transcription service.

  • How much does the service cost?

    We charge on a per-line basis. Per AAMT Standards, a line is made up of 65 characters (including preformatted text from supplied templates, macros and the likes). Letterheads in the header and footer area will not be billed.
  • What payment methods are available?

    We are continuously working on ways to accommodate your preferred and/or existing payment method. Currently you may pay via bank transfer.
  • How will I know that I have been billed?

    You will be receiving a daily transcription summary every day and the invoice on or before the 5th of the month which should be settled within 10 banking days.
  • Are there additional charges?

    No, there are no hidden or additional charges. We value our clients and we believe that every transaction should be clear and precise.