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About Us
  • Our History
    The path only a few dared to take
    A true visionary, our team treaded on the path only a few dared to take. In 2000, due to the encouraging signs of technical advancement and our deep aspiration to become the first to employ highly advanced security and full HIPAA measures in healthcare documentation, our company partnered with Unlimited Solutions Corporation, an affiliate whose expertise in smart card and biometrics technology is regarded as unprecedented, thus the birth of a new name and a new concept. We became Unlimited Transcription Solutions, a manifestation of limitless and infinite possibilities and expertise.
  • The Team
    Our advocacy on human resource and professional development
    A major criterion for UTS’s growth is the acknowledgement of the fact that we have true-blue team players performing seamlessly for us and contributing to our sustained success. Having this in mind, UTS greatly advocates human resources and professional development. Our contact center and customer service department focuses greatly in campaigns that echoes team’s unlimited competence. Our other main thrust is the fact that the company invests heavily on continuous technical training and education.

    At UTS, we have recognized to a great extent that manpower and technology propelled our growth and established our niche as one of the forerunners in the medical, legal, corporate and media transcription industry.
  • Globalization
    Embracing the challenge with fervor
    For others, globalization meant disruption to the business. For us, it is embracing the challenge of global competitiveness with fervor.

    Recently incorporated in March 2010 is Unlimited Transcription Solutions Pte Ltd. Our field of expertise is set to conquer the Asian market with our initial groundbreaking’s focal point in Singapore, with its conception having materialized due to an influx of transcription needs not only in the US but in the Asian Region.

    UTS still hungers to be globally competitive. On that note, we are indeed a remarkable organization, having had a history abounding in experience, innovation, and continuing grow enduring all economic limits and bounds.

  • Our Mission
    Excellence guaranteed
    Our mission and main goal is to guarantee excellence in various aspects of transcription services by providing our clients with accurate, efficient, timely, and secure electronic documentation of their records while offering them the best in customer service. We aim to deliver premium patient care by setting the standards of innovation.

    Unlimited Transcription Solutions believes in Quality first. A fast turnaround is worthless if your documents are inaccurate. That is precisely the reason why we guarantee a very high level of accuracy. We believe that each document is valuable, and we pay full attention to every detail from punctuations to grammatical errors, most especially inconsistencies. We take great pride in the accuracy of our reports.

  • Our Vision
    Fueled by passion
    Our vision is to revolutionize the business of transcription through cutting edge technology which became an instant obsession. This great endeavor has been fueled by passion; thus the birth of Unlimited Transcription Solutions.
  • Team Unlimited
    Experience matters
    The most important asset of any company is its people. Our team boasts of a pool of highly-skilled professionals (transcriptionists, editors and quality assurance associates) with collective experience of 20 years in handling various types of transcription reports. We have a 3 tiered quality assurance process that guarantees clients' prerequisites. To foster continued improvement among the staff, we follow comprehensive Quality and Quantity (Q&Q) measures for evaluation and commendation purposes.

    We have our technical team who keeps us in the loop with the Information Technology and overall security optimization. Our expertise in programming and software development (web-based software and window-based applications) is geared towards the creation and maintenance of an automated transcription model which aims to increase productivity and promote client convenience without sacrificing security.

    UTS marketing and customer service officers are available 24/7 through our call center to handle client inquiries and concerns. This guarantees that clients will be immediately and personally attended to.

  • Having been exposed to the American culture through media and other means, various English accents and dialects will not be a problem for our experienced staff. Aside from that, as part of our continuing education program, they are also trained to recognize the American intonation patterns as well as pronunciation.

    In many other healthcare institutions and companies, secretaries and administrative assistants are asked to transcribe. People are under the impression that if people can hear and type, they can transcribe. However, that is not the case. Transcription is not just about hearing or typing, it is about understanding the intricacies of the industry. Here at UTS, your reports are made by people who are also part of the medical, legal and business community. We require our staff to undergo HIPAA privacy training to ensure continuity of our commitment to privacy and security.

    Team Unlimited believes that quality, security, and customer satisfaction always comes first. We do not just type what we hear, but we are also involved in what is happening in the report. We know the difference between hearing and understanding.

  • The Smart Card
    Unparalleled data security
    A Smart Card is a plastic card with an integrated circuit chip embedded in it. It can store information and has built-in intelligence and security features. The card can store personal information like name, ID number, level/position, access rights among others. It has its own microprocessor capable of handling up to 752 bytes of user data.

    Smart Cards provide convenience and unparalleled data security and transmission. Its high data integrity feature eliminates human error, prevents data manipulation, and reduces fraud.

    UTS's sister company, Unlimited Solutions Corporation, is the No. 1 provider of Smart Card solutions in the Philippines.

  • Smart Card at UTS
    Security in the workplace
    At UTS, each member of the staff is required to use a smart card in the workplace. This serves as their identification card which would secure admittance to the office. Biometrics, which ensures absolute verification of a person’s physical characteristics, eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access to the facility.

    The Smart Card has a Computer Charging and Monitoring Software (CCMS) which is a server system that monitors and either grants or denies Internet or work station usage. It is equipped with automatic lock and unlock, log off, restart and shutdown features, which make it the only means of accessing the files in the computer. This means that there is no other person who can access or even see the files or programs in use on the work station except the authorized person.

    Added Security
    Our enhanced electronic surveillance system in the production area emphasizes our commitment to total security and protection in the workplace.

    At SmartTranscription® Solutions, we believe that data security is of paramount importance. We boast of a high standard in technology to ensure security and confidentiality of all data being used. The technologies we have perfected make it easier for us to comply with HIPAA rules and regulations. Authentication and encryption are applied to all data transfers in adherence to HIPAA security standards. The company conducts risk management assessments and oversees information security management regularly.

  • Dictation Method
    You may use a digital hand-held recording device (DHRD) or your computer to record your dictations. You may then transfer the digital data via FTP.
  • Registration
    Easy breezy
    Register online for a free trial or a full account. You may visit our website at www.theunlimitedtranscriptions.com to do it yourself or our marketing team will be happy to assist you through the process. Upon complete registration, you will be provided with a username and password. These will grant you access to your own folder in our FTP server where you can securely upload voice files and download transcribed reports.
  • Support
    In every step of the way
    Step-by-step directions for both methods will be provided. Technical service through instant messaging and/or phone will also be available to assist you and to address concerns you might encounter.
  • Recommendations
    Record the right way
    1. 1.   Do not use micro cassettes as quality of audio recording will be extremely poor.
    2. 2.  We recommend recording your panel discussions, seminars and lectures on video.
    3. 3.  Practice using your recording equipment.
    4. 4.  Always wear headphones when recording.
    5. 5.  Keep your microphone close (roughly a hand’s length).
    6. 6.  Check for low speaking voice of your subject (interviewee, etc.).
    7. 7.  Avoid microphone handling noise.
    8. 8.  For interviews, choose a quiet interview location.
    9. 9.  Set and test recording equipment.